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Jenah St.

Sustainable & Vegan Bags.

Jenah St. is a premium handbag brand, designed in Berlin and 100% made by European craftsmen, using a high-performance Vegan Nappa that is as smooth and resistant as calf leather normally used in luxury handbags while being 50% less harmful to the environment than their leather counterparts. Jenah St. is advocating for a more mindful fashion industry and is on a journey to becoming 100% plant-based and circular. The brand won the 2020 PETA Fashion Awards for "Best accessory brand" for combining high-quality vegan leather with European luxury design to steer the fashion world in a cleaner and cruelty-free direction. Jenah St. stands for the animal-free fashion movement and quality over quantity mindset with regards to its production choices. Jenah St. was founded in 2019 by Jena Bautmans after her personal experience in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Pakistan, witnessing the impact heavy industries have on people and the environment.

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