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Building an ecosystem for a carbon-neutral economy

Millions of people are starting to change consumption habits but the average german still produces 11,5 tonnes CO2 per year. So we asked ourselves, what makes it so hard for consumers to make a significant change to their daily life?

The answers are divers. On the one hand consumers struggle trough a lack of transparency about CO2 equivalents of daily actions and purchases which makes it difficult for everyone to act according to environmental-friendly intentions and values. Furthermore, the majority of sustainable products are more expensive and often require buying incentives to reach a higher market share. Especially key industries are still dominated by companies ignoring climate goals while available alternatives stay niche.

It’s our mission to remove these obstacles by building an app that makes sustainability transparent, convenient and affordable for everyone.

We offer sustainable businesses and organizations to become partners of PLAN3T and use the power of our platform to gain attention and grow their market share.

Get in touch if you want to collaborate with us to solve the biggest challenge of our generation.

Partnerships for sustainable brands

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN serve as a guide to what we believe is crucial for a future where humans and nature can coexist in harmony. Get in touch if your fostering sustainable development in key industries.

Renewable Energy
Mobility Services
Food & Nutrition
Consumer Goods

Partnerships for sustainable organizations

We partner with sustainable organizations and offer pro bono deals for NGO’s and CO2 data providers to foster sustainable development in key industries and help our users and partners to increase their impact.

Data Providers

Humanity has not yet failed.

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