Diets for the Climate: How to eat healthy and in line with the Planet's Boundaries

We need to rethink our diets to fight climate change: What does it mean to live a vegan, vegetarian, or a planetary health diet? Find out more in our blog. ...

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CO₂ Intensive Foods: What we eat is what we emit

What’s the CO₂ footprint of our diets? Let’s talk about why diets are crucial in terms of CO₂ consumption & how PLAN3T can help you reduce your CO₂ footprint....

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Part Two: The Secret Power of Foodwaste

If food waste were a country, it would be the 3rd largest emitter of CO₂. What’s the impact of food waste? How can we reduce food waste? Read the answers here....

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Part One: The Secret Power of Foodwaste

One-third of global food supplies are wasted. What is the impact of food waste? How can we effectively reduce food waste? Read the answers in our blog....

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Food for the Climate: Why it matters what we eat.

What we eat matters. Let’s talk about why our diets play such an important role in bringing down our CO₂ footprint and how PLAN3T can support you in doing so....

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3 Tons for the Planet? Our CO₂ Footprint and an Urgently Needed Transformation

We need a behavioral change. Let’s talk about why being aware of your own CO₂ consumption is so important & how PLAN3T can help you to reduce your footprint....

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Fact-Checking: The Advantages and Limits of CO₂ Compensation

Our lifestyles have consequences for the climate. Here, we explain what CO₂ compensation is, how it can be successful & which compensation projects PLAN3T offers....

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