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Take climate action

Reduce and offset your carbon footprint and get rewarded by sustainable brands. Download now.

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Understand and track your impact

Understanding what causes our climate to change is the first step towards a more sustainable future. Get started by answering a few simple questions about your current lifestyle to calculate your CO₂ footprint.

Start reducing your CO₂ footprint

We take you by the hand in the journey of becoming a person that actively stands up for climate action and sustainability. Create sustainable habits that stick and challenge your family and friends to join the movement.

Compensate your remaining emissions

Offset your monthly emissions by supporting effective CO₂ compensation projects. Our projects are set up to make quick and permanent CO2 savings and offer social benefits and create positive impact in developing countries.

Get rewarded by sustainable brands.

With PLAN3T you can spend your money responsibly and contribute to shifting consumption habits towards environmental goals and standards. To make it more affordable you can spent your Planet Coins for exclusive discounts from our sustainable partner network.

Humanity has not yet failed.

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